Getting Things Done ...Visually!

Flowseek is built for GTD with kanban boards and cards.

Whether you are working with your team or working alone... get your tasks and projects done with GTD on personal and team boards.

Become productive, gain control and find Flow

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If you love visal board tools but want a True GTD experience when using them - Its time to try Flowseek

Built for GTD

Separate boards for Actions and GTD projects. Actions board contains all the lists needed to organize actions including Scheduled, Next Action, Waiting For and Done

Workspaces for you and your team - Collaborate in real-time

Create workspaces for your team or for your personal needs. Get updates on all changes in in real-time

Actions for each project card

Add actions for each project card and view the actions on the Actions board.

Personal Actions Board - View All Actions in One Place

View all your actions from multiple Outcome boards, having GTD project cards, in one Actions board .

Contexts and Tags

Filter actions and projects using contexts and Tags.


Collect all you thoughts in the Inbox and then move them to Actions or Outcome Boards.